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i'm not a hero

featuring king leonidas (the movie 300), made by me, no stealing kthxverymuch

the name is nona. i've born on 11th of may in the late last century. i'm a ♀. i live in finland, in espoo. but i'm only 50% finnish. i sing and i'm a 101% music addict and a movieholic. i'm a student and i suck at it. i've been called moody, lazy, temperamental and emo. i'm 160cm tall or short more likely and i weight something between 40 and 50 kilos. i own earrings, a 1.6mm labret (right side) and a 1.2mm smiley. i don't own any tattoos - yet. my hair is naturally a bit copperish red, but i like to dye it black. my eyes are dark brown, everyone says they look more black than brown. but trust me they're brown, i know they are. i'm a becoming hair stylist. if you like screamo, metalcore, hero/death/black/thrashmetal or some japanese music, i think we'll get along. johnny depp is my favorite actor. i love every movie he's in. toshiya, the bassist of dir en grey is probably the sexiest man on earth. blessthefall & girugämesh are the best bands ever. i have a serious obsession over the combination of black hair, tattoos and piercings. if you have piercings, tattoos and black or platin white hair, come and get me i'm all yours. and btw, i love being hugged. hug me if you want me to love you.

movies troy, 300, snakes on a plane, alien versus predator, v for vendetta, vares 1-2, crimson rivers 1-2, battle royale 1-2, mysterious skin, the passion of the christ, the haunting, king arthur, alexander the great, pirates of the caribbean 1-3, sin city, the clockwork orange, phantoms. (+ all kind of horror & splatter movies)

love summer, gigs, warmth, singing, piercings & tattoos, black & platin white hair, movies, hugs, idling, sleeping, graphic design, nolifing, strawberries, vampires, cherries, mintchocolate, photography, text messages, travelling, meeting online friends, the legend of akhilleus, parties, cream and coffee liqueur, making new (cool) friends, shopping, money & silver jewelry.

hate spiders, winter, cold, swimming, childish people, wnbs & elititsts, 0-12-year-old children, parents, bossy people, waking up, early mornings, studying, super-hyper-talkative people, teenage angst(ers), being left out of fun, almost everything that moves or breathes in general.

blog layout features king leonidas and his spartan soldiers from the movie 300. pic capped and edited by me. layout-code was made originally by aled and later modified by me (meaning the graphics and colors). the userinfo pic features king leonidas, lyrics from the song "the winter wake" by elvenking. capped and edited by me. i ♥ random adders, i befriend everyone who adds me. i don't care if we don't share any interest. who needs that shit anyway. journal is 98% in english & 02% in finnish.

blessthefall, kurt, girugämesh, maverick, 12012, rise against, koЯn, coЯe the child, serial⇔number, shinkou shuukyou gakudan nogod, elvenking, the academy is..., gym class heroes, my chemical romance, dimmu borgir, in flames, mötley crüe, stormlord, since1889, ellegarden, ∀nti feminism, nightmare, metallica, bury your dead, fair to midland, rentrer en soi, rammstein, keshyr nheira, balzac,dance gaving dance, gallows, it dies today, kagerou, joker, hide, fatima, dir en grey, d'espairsray, deathgaze, destruction, a skylit drive, cellt, greeley estates, finntroll, maximum the hormone, sonic syndicate, deftones, bring me the horizon, bis, bataar, sadie, seven days awake, breaking benjamin, hanoi rocks, fallen to, poets of the fall, the medic droid, the secret handshake, high and mighty color, gackt, chimaira, cobra starship, ...and oceans, comeback kid, the used, stam1na, turmion kätilöt, amorphis. (+ many, many other bands)

G I G S + S T U F F

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